Florie Varga at Inspired Woman


IMPACT - with the Inspired Woman

I am not what has happened to me.
I am what I choose to become.
— Carl Jung
I am amazed at how far I’ve come personally and professionally!

When I started working with Florie at the Inspired Woman, my self-confidence was very low and I was struggling as a business leader as well as in my personal life. There were personal issue at my business that I was handling poorly. I was stressed and groundless, and was having problems with insomnia.
I wanted to turn things around for myself. I wanted to learn how to show up as a strong leader and an individual with integrity and boundaries: fair and compassionate, yet tough. I wanted to spend less time reacting to issues in my life and more time acting confidently and positively.

From our first meeting, I knew that Florie was the perfect coach for me. She is very goal-oriented while at the same time sensitive and compassionate. We worked together to set outcomes and each session was organized around moving towards those outcomes. We focused on my personal development, strengthening who I am in myself and as a leader. The sessions were well organized with powerful exercises.

My confidence and self-worth increased substantially during the 3 months of working with Florie.

Today, my employees are stepping up and my business feels more like a team effort with me as the leader.

My personal life feels on track and I am much less stressed. My new positive attitude and focus on my goals and values makes problems solvable, and the little things don’t overwhelm me. I also now hold true that being positive and happy is a choice. I feel confident, strong and capable and am committed to continuing to work, using the many many simple yet effective tools Florie shared, to make both my business and life the best that they can be.

I definitely recommend Florie to anyone who is looking to develop their confidence and leadership skills, both on the personal and professional level. She is a great coach, support and cheering section!
— Arlene McPherson - McPherson Cabinets
From the start of working with Florie my personal and professional achievements have been vast. With Florie’s professional know how and empathetic yet steadfast focus, I stepped into an amazing transformation in my personal and professional sense of worth and self-confidence. I have built a completely new and powerful mindset around how I show up as a person, business owner, employer and leader. Today, my shop floor is more organized and productive, and staff morale is high. I now encourage my staff to ask questions and grow in their skill-sets. The end result is better client experiences and an increase to my business’s bottom line.

I highly recommend Florie for personal and professional coaching. Give her a call, it will pay off.
— Allen Corby - Cowichan Tire Exchange
Gaining better focus on my weight mindset and setting boundaries as a self confessed people pleaser were my goals with Florie. Florie guided me to realise that both were interlinked - a surprise to me! Soon after working together, my communication around my boundaries improved and I shifted my mindset to a more grateful place. I felt happier with what I have and what I have achieved as opposed to always wanting more, I also saw that giving more to others meant more to me!

Florie is so personable and I felt like we were friends from the moment we met via Skype. Florie is ‘real’ which to me means everything. Without doubt, intelligent and educated Florie provides practical and realistic support to your challenges. In recommending Florie be prepared to look inward, think outside of your initial challenges and embrace the tools provided so that you can come out the other side, happier, more content, focused and with the courage to take on your life the way you want it.

The tools Florie provided me with will be used for years to come. Thank you...
I encourage you to connect with Florie… you won’t be disappointed.
— Dawn, Resort Owner - Austraila
I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not have taken these steps or accomplished what I have done without your non-judgemental support. You fully encouraged me to see things in a different light. I now see my true reality – which I now know I was not openly seeing before. I am now taking action to building my new life.
— Val, Cowichan Valley
Florie is amazing, insightful and motivating. She helped me navigate my fears around my job search and within a short time I had that new job. She stealthily guided me through the maze of roadblocks I had put in place without really knowing it. She was masterful at this. In no time she saw the patterns I could not see and allowed me to realize the way out. This kind of wisdom and guidance is a gift that she incorporates into her very personalized sessions.
— Lee Ann Nixon, Nurse – New Hampshire
Florie quickly helped me pinpoint that the fears I was holding and barriers I was putting up, to having to go back to school after 25 years, did not reflect the reality of my life today. They were fears from my youth. From there I was able to deal with the real issues and get a plan in place to move forward.
— Tania, Duncan
Florie helped transform my family. Now instead of fighting and tension, I have a great relationship with my kids. I am showing up for myself, my family and in the world in a way that is powerfully authentic and I am able to affect positive change in my kid’s behavior. I finally feel confident in my parenting skills and I have the tools to cope with the challenges my kids throw at me! - I can’t recommend Florie enough
— Laurel, Victoria, BC
I met Florie as a volunteer client during her practicum. A traumatic change in my life had left me needing help to re-examine my values and goals. Florie provided the tools I needed to stay on track and focus on my future while a number of side issues threatened to derail me. More than just tools, she offered an empathetic ear and the encouragement that I will thrive once again.

After the initial relationship, I hired her for ongoing support. I anticipate touching base on an ongoing basis as I continue through this major transition in my life.
— Michelle Tothill, Mature Student – Duncan