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Courageously Inspiring Women Like You!

As Inspired Women, we strive to stand tall in our true selves; as individuals, business women, partners, mothers, volunteers and the many other roles we hold, in so many fascinating and fruitful ways. I am Inspired every day to witness this journey.  


FLORIE VARGA - At the Inspired Woman...

I partner with Inspired women, and like hearted men, to break through and (re)define what makes them whole in themselves. From this place of wholeness they can fully stand in their personal leadership to passionately do what matters most to them in life and work.

Together we will bring new stories to life, courageously leaving behind what distracts you, drains you, or no longer serves you, so you can show up more fully as your true self. We will strengthen this clarity by building on your unique purpose, values, strengths, confidence and skills to support you inner and outer success.

I am honoured to walk along side my clients and am privileged to share in their profound transformations and success.

Be part of the movement as we, INSPIRED WOMEN - BREAK THROUGH to our true-selves and meaningful success with courage, clarity and commitment!

A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.
— Melinda Gates