Florie Varga at Inspired Woman


BECOME Courageously Inspired

Is this you?

  • You are so busy trying to get it all done, you don't have time to think 

  • You work like crazy to grow your business, but you are not seeing results

  • You feel fragment, in conflict and exhausted

  • You lie awake at night spinning plans, ideas, questions and worries

  • You just want someone to safely bounce ideas off of and who will hold you accountable

Ready to Do Thing Courageously Differently?

In the Inspired Woman "Break Through to Success" coaching and consulting program you will transforms your desires, hopes and goals into a clearly defined vision embedded with tangible outcomes. You will find new awareness, tackle the things getting in your way and will foster a success mindset; making space to embrace the inspired shifts in clarity, courage and commitment you need to lead yourself to authentic success in business, career and life!

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Your Break Through to Success Program will be customized to your specific needs and goals. Topics I routinely work with clients on include a cross section of:  

Business Start-Up or Acceleration

  • Defining and adopting a business mindset

  • Business visioning: values-purpose-mission

  • Defining and adopting a leadership mindset

  • Services, target audience and niche development

  • Market/Prospect/Sell methodology and techniques

  • Strategies and tactics planning

  • Growth planning and goal setting

  • Succession planning

Career Change or Re-Purposing

  • Work-life values and balance preferences

  • Strength (weakness) identification

  • Personal Leadership skills

  • Past-self/ Future-self exercises and inquiries

  • Skill transfer assessment

  • Communications Skills

Life and Transition

  • Personal values and needs identification

  • Navigating transitions

  • Creating Boundaries (no more people pleasing)

  • Personal choice and goal setting

  • Addressing anger and conflict

  • Whole-hearted living resiliency and skills/strategies

  • Mindfulness in the face of change

  • Clearing limiting/ negative beliefs

  • Self-identity, integration and growth mindset

  • Parent coaching

Program Logistics:

The 6 month Break Through to Success Program includes*:

  • A Personalized Accountability Success Plan

  • 1 planning and development meeting (client goals and outcome definition) - 90 to 120 minutes

  • 3 coaching/ working meetings per month - 60 minutes each via phone or skype (in-person meetings can be accommodated) (total of 18 meetings)

  • 1 self-directed coaching week per month (total of 6)

  • Custom program materials (workbook with tailored resources, tools and references designed in response to the client’s Personalized Accountability Success Plan)

  • In-between meeting client actions, practices and reflections

  • In-between meeting client updates: follow-up and support with Florie via email (phone calls if required)

  • Courageously inspired mentoring, teaching and skill development

*Other Program Offerings may be considered, book a Complimentary Clarity Call to discuss options

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
— Victor E Frankl