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Focus in Work and Business As An Expression of Self-Care

A few thoughts on being focused on work and business as an expression of self-care. 

Running a solopreneur service-based business is always tricky in the summer months. There is a general slowing of business pace, further impacted by well deserved holidays and if not carefully safeguarded this lag could impact your momentum, focus and service provision.  Before you know it, major priorities are slipping adding stress and anxiety to an already busy time.    

If you’re feeling stressed about what needs to be done, what is not getting done, and a general sense of summer mayhem  – your physical and emotional energy will be further drained.


It is in these times that I double-down on the DIG principle in laying out my work priorities and schedule.

D - Be Deliberate.

Get really clear on your priorities for what will keep you and your business moving forward.  Make these priorities your deliberate focus, and don’t let the little stuff like BBQ shopping lists, summer camp driving schedules, invitation lists, packing lists, etc. take up time in your already limited summer work schedule.  

 I - Get Inspired:

When the sun and warmth are calling, anchor your energy and creativity by double downing on your bigger Purpose. Start each day with an exercise of mindful reflection on what is inspiring you to do what you do, and use that renewed energy and excitement to hone your focus.

G - Get Going: 

Stay focused and get it done.  At the end of the workday.  I like to make a list of everything I have gotten done and end the day on a high note vs, what is looming and not happening fast enough, which will drain my tank and have me leaving work depleted.

Self-care is a practice, to pay attention and take action on daily. It’s a powerful way to strengthen yourself and connect with your inner core so you’re prepared to make the most of your life when it’s wonderful and when it’s messy. 

 If developing a business-life self-care plan is something you would like more support on developing, schedule a coaching call - let’s talk.